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  • Hug-Hug Group

    Our odd news of the day goes to an organization in Changsha (Hunan Province). The organization called 'Hug-Hug Group' launched an activity appropriately named - 'Hug Strangers You Meet on Streets' in order to encourage people to show their loving care for each other.

    Here is the video shown on CCTV News today.

    For those of you visiting traveling through Hunan province anytime soon, don't be surprised if a stranger come throws their arms around you!

  • Chinese People's Retirement Age

    In China, most people consider 60 as the appropriate retirement age for men, and 50 - 55 for women. Many even retire at an earlier age due to disability or gained wealth.

    Recently, one of China's largest web portals - Sohu (sohu.com) conducted an online poll to test how many Chinese people aprove of raising their retirement age in the future.

    4757 voters were polled and this is what they had to say:

    • 13.03 of respondents said:'Yes, the government should raise Chinese people's retirement age. 50-60 is too young to retire.'

    • 62.94 of respondents said:'No, raising the retirement age means we'll have less time to rest after retiring.'

    • 23.1 of respondents said: 'It should be flexible, it depends on different industries.'

  • Chinese Air Passengers

    Air travelers in China will face a string of tougher on-board regulations if Chinese Airlines have their way. The bulk of the new regulations are designed to better keep the hordes of poorly behaved and inconsiderate Chinese air travelers in check.
    The main points of the new Chinese aviation passenger regulations include:

    • passengers who leave their seat or open the luggage rack when the plane is taking off, landing, sliding or experiencing air turbulence, shall be fined up to 10,000 yuan (USD1,250);

    • passengers who sit near the emergency exit and refuse to change seats as required by air crew members, shall be fined between 500-10,000 yuan.

  • Jackie Chan's New Role

    Chinese Censors have been making one headline after another recently. After banning Chinese director Lou Ye from filming new movies in China for 5 years, and banning Jay Z from performing in Shanghai because of his "vulgar" lyrics, it is now Jackie Chan's turn to have his artistic freedom censored in China.

    The reason given by Chinese state censors for wanting to change Jackie Chan's role in the movie 'Rob-B-Hood' was that they wanted him to be less "evil". Apparently they felt that Jackie Chan should be a good guy whose image should not be 'tainted'.

  • Himalayas Gap

    In some odd news, some Chinese scholars suggested blowing a man-made gap through the Himalayas to bring in more humid air from the Bay of Bengal and from the Indian Ocean to the Qinghai-Tibet plateau like the way Brahmaputra Canyon turning south-eastern Tibet into Oasis. Chinese scholars figured that blowing up parts of the Himalayas would turn parts of Tibet into 'a land flowing with milk and honey'.

    However, Professor Zhang Wenjing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said such a fancy plan wouldn't help things much.

  • Jiang Wen Li

    A cosmetics ad (Maxim) starring Chinese female star Jiang Wenli (&33931;&38639;&20029;) that has a 5 y/o kid wanting to marry his mother has been condemned by the Chinese public over the past week. People quickly began asking questions like "Did it cross the basic line of acceptable moral standards", with other people suggesting that "What can be said at home shouldn't be appropriate to say on TV". Chinese media has recently reported that the ad has been pulled from CCTV-6 because of 'unhealthy content'.

  • backdorm boys

    The famous Back Dorm Boys (&21518;&33293;&30007;&23401;) is a Chinese male duo composed of Wei Wei and Huang Yi Xin, who gained fame in China with many music videos imitating pop stars' songs.

    Their videos, recorded in their school dormitory on low quality Web cam, have been viewed by Internet users within China and around the world. In most videos, Wei Wei is seated on the viewer's right and Huang Yi Xin on the left.

  • Dragon Ball

    Apparently the Chinese government has decided to ban foreign animations such as The Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Dragon Balls and Pokemon from Chinese prime time television in an effort to protect the local animation industry.

    Previously, Chinese broadcasters were already told to limit the broadcasting of foreign cartoons, with Chinese cartoons having to occupy at least 60 of the total prime time animation slots.

    According to the China Daily Chinese people are in full support of the government's ban of foreign cartoons. Obviously the China Daily failed to interview any of the target audience ie. kids who watch cartoons.

  • Drought

    The drought affecting Chongqing and its neighbouring province Sichuan has been the worst drought in 50 years, with 14 million people suffering from drinking water shortage.

    The region has had no rainfall for more than 70 consecutive days, with 2/3 of rivers and wells having dried up and temperatures not having dropped below 35 degrees over the past month.

    It has even been reported in the Chinese media that there are villages where most residents haven't had a shower for 40 days!

  • Chinese Strip

    You may not believe your eyes that in villages across China&8217;s Jiangsu Province, striptease shows are used as a common practice to attract more mourners to funerals, as villagers believe that the more people crowded at a funeral, the more luck it will bring to the deceased's offspring.

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