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  • most expensive city of owning a car
    Using data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, the chart below shows the total cost of buying a family car (an average of low- and high-end brands) in selected cities in 2010, then running it for three years.

    It turns out Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Delhi are the top 3 expensive cities for owning a car.

  • a literally translated map of china
    Translating Chinese province names into English produces some unexpected humor. One of the pleasures of studying the Chinese language is realizing that a huge number of words actually consist of combinations of smaller words. For example, the word for North Korea, chaoxian, literally translates as something like "Morning Calm". Far-western, bone-dry Qinghai Province translates into "Blue Sea".

  • single-passenger robot cars that can drive themselves 2
    Inventors in Japan developed a tiny car that can automatically take passengers from A to B without them having to do a thing. Hitachi revealed a robot car for Personal Intelligent Transport System, it uses GPS to carry passengers in city of Japanese city of Tsukuba.

  • The Harlem Shake has arrived in China.

    The formulaic simplicity of producing a Harlem Shake video has obvious appeal in a country that, by its own admission, struggles with creativity. But the meme also appears to have tapped into China's diaosi (or loser) mentality - a self-effacing rejection of rigid social norms and expectations that has caught on among Chinese youth in recent years.

  • article-2267793-1724e85e000005dc-147_634x417
    The secret network of North Korean prison camps are being mapped out in unprecedented detail thanks to Google Earth. More than 200,000 people are believed to be imprisoned in the network. Human rights activists say images could help build pressure to close them. Inmates forced to eat rats and even pick through faeces in bid for survival.

  • china-grandfather-liu-qianping-4-horizontal-gallery
    72-year-old Liu Qianping, also known as "MaDiGaGa", is a retired farmer from China's Hunan province. But after jokingly modeling a range of ladies' wear, the 72-year-old has become an online sensation.

  • rich mate poor mate
    Radio Television Hong Kong's 'Rich Mate, Poor Mate' is a reality show exploring the economic gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. In this program, wealthy people were put in the shoes of the poor, with RTHK's film crew closely following them around the clock to see their experience of poverty.

  • chinese are the world's most stressed
    Chinese are currently the world's most stressed, Regus's research shows. Since April 2012, Regus has been sending out questionnaires to 16,000 professionals in 80 countries and regions around the world. 75 of mainland Chinese workers surveyed said their stress feeling has been growing in the past year, greatly exceed the global average of 48. In Beijing and Shanghai, the number are 80 and 67 respectively.

  • "Gangnam Style" is a 2012 K-pop single by Korean musician PSY. It has been highly praised for its humor, catchy rhythm and PSY's unusual dance moves. The song was released on July 15, 2012, when it debuted at number one on the Gaon Chart.

    Now Psy has a new reason to boast: He just broke a Guinness World Record - The records-keeping authority announced that Psy's Gangnam Style broke the record for "Most Likes on YouTube". (It should also be noted that Psy's hit is edging close to 100,000 dislikes as well.) The music video has been viewed over 271 million times as of September 25, 2012, putting it just outside of YouTube's list of the 30 most-viewed videos ever. (Mashable)

  • For some of us, there are few things more exciting than a device that could get certain people to shut up. Japanese researchers created the 'new Speech Jammer gun'. Using a directional microphone, a directional speaker, and a distance sensor, the gun trips up its target by playing back their own voice to them at a slight delay of around 200 milliseconds. Researchers released a humorous video showing the SpeechJammer Gun in action, showing speakers apparently disoriented by the device.

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