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  • last-ninja
    The 21st head of the centuries-old Ban ninja clan says there will be no 22nd head: When Jinichi Kawakami dies, he says, the deadly art of ninjitsu will die with him.

  • self rescue bracelet 3
    Self Rescue Bracelet is an expanding flotation device that a swimmer can activate if they run into difficulties in the water. Created by Chinese designers, it won this year's Red dot award.

  • chinese jobseekers
    To Chinese employers, a picture is worth a thousand-word resume. Nearly half of all employers in China like to check out online photos of potential candidates when hiring new team members, says a survey by global HR consultancy SHL. By contrast globally, just 26 of respondents around the world say they do the same.

  • Is Kate Middleton a gold digger According to a new Chinese tourism video the Duchess of Cambridge only became a part of the royal family for the benefits.

    In the bizarre advertisement - which was made by Chengdu city officials publicising a range of 'panda cabs' - lookalikes playing Kate, Prince William and the Queen are seen standing outside a palace trying to hail a taxi.

    The 'Queen' is shown shouting 'taxi' - and whistling to get a driver's attention - before telling her 'grandson' and his wife they should save money by opting for a cab to get to the Jubilee celebrations.

  • shanghai metro dress code 1
    A Shanghai Metro microblog post urging women to 'pay attention to how you dress' to avoid sexual harassment has sparked protests and strong reactions.

  • japanese prefers pets to parenthood
    Many Japanese women prefer pets to parenthood. Startlingly, in a country panicking over its plummeting birthrate, there are now many more pets than children. Official estimates put the pet population at 22 million or more, but there are only 16.6 million children under 15.

  • japanese young boyfriend
    In Japan, in common with many other countries in the world, quite a few of women tend to prefer men a few years older than them or as old as them. However, this survey from goo Ranking looked at the benefits of having a younger boyfriend. Whatjapanthinks translated the survey.

  • average lifespan of buildings in china is as short as 25 30 years
    According to Qiu Baoxin, the Deputy Minister of Construction, China has the newest buildings in the world, each year China consumes 40 of the world's steel and concrete, however those buildings can only stand for 25-30 years.

  • stray dog xiaosa completes 1700km race to tibet
    A stray dog has completed a 1700km journey across China after joining a cycle race from Xingou, Sichuan province to Lhasa, Tibet. The dog, nicknamed "Xiaosa", decided to stay with the cycle race after one of the cyclists gave her food.

  • tibetan man climbs himalayas to bring a washing machine to wife
    Lhoba is a small village at the edge of Brahmaputra river, deep in the Himalayan mountains, Tibet. In order for his wife to wash clothes easier, a man climbed over mountain of 5,000 meters above sea level, carrying a washing machine on his back to home. NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) recorded the story.

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