chongqing doctor seeking for perfect woman

After dating more than 500 women over the past decade, a doctor in Chongqing has come up with a detailed list of criteria for the perfect woman.

The 35-year-old doctor has listed seven requirements for his future wife so that he can "increase the possibility of finding her among countless dates arranged by matchmakers," citing the doctor, son of a local farmer, as reported on today's Chongqing Evening News.


1. She should be taller than I am -- 1.65 meters – to ensure our kids have good genetics.

2. She needs to have big eyes and wide eyebrows which may imply that she is not a sophisticated person.

3. She should have no past relationships and be a virgin.

4. She should have a stable profession.

5. Her parents have to be intellectuals since "family backgrounds play key roles in a person's character."

6. Born in a year other than the year of snake or monkey.

7. She should not be too young or too old as physical differences may also count in a relationship.

So far, more than 500 women introduced by the doctor's parents, colleagues and a matchmaker have failed to catch the doctors heart, the report said.

The man told the newspaper that as he gets older, he sometimes also feels regret at missing some girls he has met before. He would feel frustrated if he had to lower his standards and ends up with a woman worse than most of those he has already dated, the report said.

Source: Shanghaidaily


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