Chinese Migrant WorkersGangsters chopped off the left hand of a migrant worker who asked for unpaid wages with a sword after they saw him taking out his mobile phone...

The China State Construction Engineering Corporation has sacked three senior managers of its Nanjing outlet after a group of gangsters chopped off the left hand of a migrant worker who asked for unpaid wages for other workers on January 16 in Eastern China's Nanjing City. The company will be driven out of Nanjing, the city's government announced.

And Lu Ling, the general manager of the company (China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Nanjing Bureau), has been sacked.

Wang Chao (王超), a Sichuan Province migrant worker and also one of the foremen of the company, went to the project department on January 16 with another worker, He Lin, to check on another foreman, He Chenbo, who had been detained by the company when asking for unpaid wages on behalf of 2,000 migrant workers.

They were chased by a group of gangsters with swords and spears as soon as they appeared, a previous report said, citing He Lin.

One of the gangsters chopped off Wang's left hand with a sword after he saw Wang taking out his mobile phone, according to He Lin, who ran faster than Wang and was not wounded.

Wang Long, a project manager of the company, said the gangsters are not employees of the company even though police discovered the weapons were taken from the company's dormitory, the Modern Express newspaper reported.

The Express story didn't mention if the Wangs are related.

Wang Chao's hand was reattached, but it is still unclear whether he will regain full use of it, Shanghai Morning Post reported today, citing Wang Chao's doctor.

The hospital has placed him in a private room to ensure his safety and make sure he can rest peacefully, the Shanghai Morning Post said.

The gangster who chopped off Wang Chao's hand surrendered to police. Officers also arrested three other suspects in the case as of Monday. Police are still searching for other suspects, Nanjing Morning Post reported, citing Huang Xinguo, deputy director of Nanjing public security bureau.

Huang promised all criminals will be arrested and punished, the report added.

The company has paid 70,000 yuan (US$9,678.53) in medical expenses for Wang Chao. It also has paid 5.56 million yuan in back wages to the migrant workers as of yesterday. About 1,500 among the 2,000 migrant workers refused to work for the company and have gone home, the Yangtze report said.

Source: Shanghaidaily


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