Chinese Culture versus German Culture through a series of pictures. Very interesting comparison, make people laugh, make people think:


chinese vs german opinion

Way of Life

chinese vs German lifestyle


chinese vs German Punctuality


chinese vs german contacts

Anger / Displeasure

Chinese vs German Anger


chinese vs german Queues

View of Myself

chinese vs german igoism


chinesse vs german party

At Restaurants

chinese vs german restaurant

Stomach Ache

chinese vs german drink


chinese vs german travel

Definition of Beauty

chinese vs german beauty

Handling Problems

chinese vs german handling problems

Daily Meals

German Chinese Meals

Sunday on Streets

chinesse vs german streets


german vs chinese transport

Life of the Elderly

german vs chinese Elderly

Shower Time

german vs chinese shower

Moods and Weather

german vs chinese weather moods

The Boss

german vs chinese boss

New Things

german vs chinese new things

The Child

german vs chinese family

What's Trendy

german vs chinese trend

Perception of Each Other's Culture

german vs chinese Perception of Each Other's Culture

Source: Hellishhumor


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