Indonesia's Penis Growing Grandma Mak Erot

Reportedly 128 years old (others report aged anywhere from 101 to over 130), the iconic Mak Erot has died. She was famous across Asia for her supposedly supernatural powers of penis-lengthening and became very wealthy in the male enhancement business. Mak Erot's death is big news in the Far East.

Mak Erot developed a family business empire offering penis extensions and cures for other sexual maladies using the power of Muslim prayer and a cocktail of 141 herbs. One of her 40 grandchildren, Haji Saifuloh, 37, explained that the secret was revealed when Mak Erot prayed for 141 days following the death of her mother in the 1940s.

"Her prayer was answered with this gift of sexual healing," he said. A voice from the spirit world told his grandmother, "You can cure anyone who has a small penis or whose penis has died. You can cure them!"

Her early patients were occupying Japanese soldiers during the Second World War and the first clinic opened in 1945. The enterprise grew as dramatically as Mak Erot claimed her patients did. Now there are several clinics around the country including Haji Saifuloh's, which he recently moved to a Jakarta hotel to take advantage of the extra parking.

The Telegraph recently visited the ill-lit room in the hotel where he practises his skills. A collection of wooden phalluses which patients can choose between as a model for their own was on display.

"Doctors are amazed with the results of our herbs," he boasted. "The famous sexologists have given our clinics the thumbs up."

He said that "countless" satisfied customers have paid him £40 each for a 30-minute consultation. "It always works," he claimed.

The claims made for Mak Erot's powers were large and, whatever their truth or otherwise, found a wide audience of believers. Indonesian newspapers carry many advertisements for imitators seeking to associate themselves with her talents.

Mak Erot has become a pop-culture icon, earlier this year her fame reached the silver screen in the teen comedy "Between you, me and Mak Erot". In the film the young protagonist launches himself on a series of sexual adventures but his partners find the encounters unrewarding. His problems worsen when he consults one of Mak Erot's imitators rather than the old lady herself.

"The audience laughed all the way through," said Suyadi, 68, a cinema employee.

Reports of he death prompted a flurry of bemused online comments from Internet users in the world's largest Muslim-majority country.

User "Jengkol" wrote on news website Detikcom: "Oh no, I didn't have the chance to go to Mak Erot and now she's dead. I'll just have to buy a vacuum. Maybe that could be the solution to my problem."

Fortunately, Mak Erot's secret potions and magic concoctions have been passed along to 21 designated heirs who will continue to "heal" Asian penises.

Grandson of Mak Erot, Indonesia's legendary supernatural lengthener of members, Saipuloh, shows his equipments, three large wooden penises, at his clinic in Jakarta:

Mak Erot's Grandson

Source: AFP, Telegraph, Medindia
Pic from Wahyunurdiyanto


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