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Radio Television Hong Kong's 'Rich Mate, Poor Mate' is a reality show exploring the economic gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. In this program, wealthy people were put in the shoes of the poor, with RTHK's film crew closely following them around the clock to see their experience of poverty.
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In Hong Kong, the economic gap is widening, 1.26 million people are living under the poverty line. The number of poor people who are employed reached 650,000. About 300,000 children live in poverty. One in every 3 elderly people is considered poor.

'Rich Mate, Poor Mate' tries to investigate how we can distribute resources and formulate policies to improve this dreadful situation. Six Hong Kong wealthy people were invited, who are either prominent tycoons active in the business and political circles, or offspring of famous magnates, to live in cage houses, work low pay and long-hour jobs, sleep on the street in winter, experience cross-generation poverty and see for themselves the predicament of being old and poor or being young but lacking the means to go upwards.

Source: Programme RTHK


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