sleeping salaryman

Tokyo must be a very fast-paced city as well as a safe place to sleep just about anywhere - In Tokyo you'll see people sleep in public which you will never see in other international metropolis. It's very likely that one day when you visit Japan you'll see those tired salarymen beings lying around in train carriage, flowerbed, restaurant or even on motorbike...

sleeping japanese schoolgirls

japanese sleep on the train

sleeping on the train

tired japanese employee

tired japanese salaryman

japanese falling aleep in the train

sleeping businessman

sleeping at mcdonalds

sleeping at the dinner table

sleeping japanese worker

sleeping in the flowerbed

Original idea by: Dannychoo
Pics mixed taken from flickr users: AsquirrelapartDlaminiMilOlivepixelCaffeineguy, Simple pleazures, Tatemae, Becca Bandit, JanneM, Photobotic, Hector


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