Asia's Largest Bridges

June 04, 2009 04:31

Largest Bridges in Asia, Tsing Ma Bridge
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Asia's Largest Bridges


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The first suspension bridges date back to 206 B.C., when the Chinese used vines to carry loads over water. Eventually, vines were replaced by plaited bamboo, and finally, metal. During the late 1800s, the modern version of the suspension bridge developed in both the United States and Britain. Where people and products have to cross water, bridges are built. Not surprisingly, three of the world's six largest bridges are in China, all of them built during the past decade.

Largest Bridges in Asia are:
1. Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, China (Span: 1,377 meters or 4,518 feet),
2. Akashi-Kaikyo, Kobe-Naruto, Japan (Span: 1,991 meters or 6,529 feet),
3. Runyang South, China (Span: 1,490 meters or 4,888 feet),
4. Jiangyin, Jiangyin, China (Span: 1,385 meters or 4,543 feet).

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