Triumph Japan Bras

June 04, 2009 03:16

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Bizarre Bras from Triumph Japan


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Talk about Triumph Japan Bras
Triumph International Japan, maker of bras, panties and other women's undergarments, is a division of a large German lingerie company but in their marketing they're very, very Japanese. This means they go over the top, as it were, to attract attention to their products and cleverly associate them with the latest popular cause.

Their most outrageous bizarre bra examples are:
1. The Warmbiz Heated Bra,
2. The Voter Turnout Liftup Bra,
3. The Post Office Bra,
4. The Bra Bag,
5. "My Chopsticks" Bra,
6. The Birth Rate Decline Bra
7. The Marriage Hunting Bra.   

Source: Inventorspot


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